Discover our illustrated candles

At La Belle Mèche, we cherish creativity in all its forms. That's why, several times a year, we team up with talented artists and illustrators to bring you limited edition illustrated candles.

It's also an opportunity for us to create a new perfume for the time of a candle.


Bougie illustrée Plein Soleil

Illustratrice : Cécile Roubio

C’est l’été, le soleil est au zénith, la chaleur est écrasante ; l’air se charge d’odeurs enivrantes de fleurs de freesia, de muguet et d’oranger. Les roses au loin dominent le paysage. Il fait de plus en plus chaud.



Illustrated edition Lessive Party

Illustrator : Lulu la Nantaise

Because we want laundry day to be a day of celebration and a moment of complicity, we offer you this illustrated edition of washing powder + candle, with a crystalline, ultra-fresh and lemony fragrance, which will make you want to spin the drum twice rather than once. For this new illustrated edition, we've collaborated with Lulu la Nantaise on a colorful, ultra-pop and slightly naughty design. Who said laundry day was a chore?



Silent Night Illustrated Candle

Illustrator: Ariane Butto

With Douce Nuit, La Belle Mèche has invited itself to the Orient, a land of legends and bewitching smells. In this night stroll in the heart of the desert, we invite you to make a stop in a hamlet, where the scents of spices (ginger, vanilla), herbs (lemongrass, guaiac wood) and citrus fruits (grapefruit peel, lemon) blend together. This warm blend lulls us peacefully with the promise of a beautiful and sweet night.


Santa Cool picture candle

Illustrator: Bahar

For the winter 2019 limited edition we wanted a cool, hip Santa Claus that everyone wants to spend the holidays with! Don't worry, our Santa Cool will make sure that the atmosphere behind his ultra-branchy glasses remains festive and warm.


Illustrated candle Jardins de Menton

Illustrator: Emilie De Castro

During the summer of 2019, La Belle Mèche invited itself to Menton! A true land of citrus fruits, perched between sea and mountain, the city of Menton is well known for the reputation of its lush gardens.

Like a summer stroll through the heart of its hundreds of plant species, this sweet and fruity fragrance invites you to bask in the shade of the tall palm trees that line the city and sip an iced infusion of citrus fruits (tea leaves, Bergamot, Lemon) and flowers (Iris, Magnolia).


Illustrated candle Russian Christmas

Illustrator: Flora Waycott

For the festive season of 2018, La Belle Mèche will take you to celebrate Christmas in the land of the Tsars. An icy winter warmed by sumptuous colors covering the buildings with architecture so typical of Russia. We celebrate the nature of winter through an illustration and a scented candle dressed in Russian colors. Holly branches, winter flowers, singing birds have inspired us a lot.


Illustrated Candle Golden Label

Illustrator : Monr'y

Immerse yourself in the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and get THE Golden Ticket. We won't send you to Willy Wanka's magic factory no, we're really sorry... But we promise you a perfectly perfumed interior all year round and that has something magical about it, doesn't it? 


Illustrated candle Born In The 80's

Illustrator : Monr'y

Our graphically designed printed candle takes us back to those disco and deliciously kitschy years! Like a virgin, Flashdance... travel to the 80's! We'll see you on the dancefloor for yet another Nuit de Folie. The glitter, the flashy colors, the asymmetrical and colorful cuts... We would be almost nostalgic for it! La Belle Mèche offers you a return to the past with our candle illustrated by the talented MON'RY.


Illustrated candle Le Cirque

Illustrator: Charlotte Janvier

With this illustrated limited edition, LA BELLE MÈCHE makes its circus and invites you to enter under the big top to witness exceptional acts. You'll be in for a real treat! The big top case opens onto a corolla in which is a lacquered glass and illustrated by the talented Charlotte Janvier. Contemplate a colourful decor and discover the most famous circus acts: juggling, acrobatics, animals and magic.


Illustrated candle Côte d'Azur

Illustrator: Alex Asfour

The scent of umbrella pines warmed by a radiant sun... reminds you of something?
The happiness of the French Riviera! As lovers of the French Riviera, we wanted to recreate the very special scent of walks along the seashore to the rhythm of the cicada song.
Let yourself be guided through the arid and wild lands of the Mediterranean basin with this candle scented with mixed essences. 

For us, Alex imagined a 180° view of the Provencal Calanques, another aspect of the South of France.
The general inspiration comes from those old advertising posters advertising the south of France in the 1930s.
The Côte d'Azur scented candle captures the vegetation of the calanques: boxwood, thyme, a bit of pine forest, shrubs on the rock, and sea spray. Here is our interpretation of the Provencal garrigue.


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