In the beginning

A beautiful story

La Belle Mèche is a labour of love by its co-founders Laura & Pierre with a mission to create fragrances that smell gorgeous – and are simple, original and authentic too.

The beginning of the story

"Rewind to 2013. We were working in Paris, both bored in our jobs, and craving to do our own thing and find meaning in our careers. So, without further ado, we put our heads together to come up with a product that was made in France, environmentally friendly (a deal breaker for us), easy to store and ship, and infinitely versatile. The scented candle ticked every box."

"A rough business plan and dozens of contacts later, we took the plunge, swapping Paris for Drôme in south-eastern France, and built the brand from nothing in a tiny village in the stunning Diois region. Now eight years in, the brand is well established in France – through our website, along list of stockists and a store of our own – and overseas, particularly in Asia where we are really focusing our expansion."


Our goal

Our goal since 2013? To wow customers with a range of fragrances that are accessible, honest and kind to the planet, without bells and whistles. ✌️

We love...

... Drôme, wildlife documentaries, apple and chestnut compote, afternoon naps, our two daughters, exploring places off the beaten track, and listening to a good old Frank Sinatra playlist.

Everywhere we go, both our noses are always ‘on’. Our favourite smells are the countryside, coffee, wood fires, garages (we know!), roses and acacia, the earth after rainfall, cakes just out of the oven. You get the picture!


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