The brand La Belle Mèche is proud to produce all of its scented products in France.

All production is local, from wax to labels to cases.

Why this Made In France approach?

No. 1 I The human link

We want to get to know all the partners of La Belle Mèche and establish with them a relationship of trust, based on common values.

N°2 I Proximity

It is much simpler to control the quality of a production or to rectify the shooting while being on site. We speak the same language and have the same culture, so it's easier to understand each other and to explain what we want for La Belle Mèche or what we don't want. This shortens the production and delivery time for our scented candles, diffusers or soaps. For La Belle Mèche, producing in France is simply an absence of constraints and a gain in productivity.

No. 3 I Supporting the French economy

Producing in France is also a partisan act. There are beautiful industries in France. They are often supported by highly skilled people and by a long established know-how. This is the case with the perfume industry, which is based in Grasse in particular and is full of talent. For La Belle Mèche, it is a duty to know them, to make them known and to promote them.

By buying our brand La Belle Mèche, you indirectly contribute to the livelihood of about 50 people in France - our team, our partners and us - so THANK YOU.


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